Bharat Pumps
Bharat Pumps Industries offers BPI & ALFA LAVA STANDARD type Lobe Pumps that are designed specifically for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry. BPI Lobe pumps are suitable for pumping Chocolate, Butter, Syrup, Face Cream, Shampoos, Ketchup, Jelly, etc. in their respective industries.

Our lobe pumps are manufactured with hardened and ground timing gears for delivering high performance without metallic inclusions. Our Lobe pumps provide smooth and noiseless operation due to precision Timing Gears and highly polished Lobes.

Lobe Pumps
Category Product Type
Lobe Pump BPI Type BPI - 0.5 (1/2")
BPI - 0.75 (3/4")
BPI - 01 (1")
BPI - 02 (1 1/2")
Lobe Pump ALS Type ALS - 66 - 1
ALS - 76 - 1
ALS - 83 - 1
ALS - 96 - 1
ALS - 96 - 2

Salient Features :

  • Pass the medium solid.
  • Non contact highly polished Lobes.
  • Choice of Lobe profiles, Bi-lobes/Tri-lobes/gears.
  • No Metal to Metal contact.
  • Long term dry duty.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Heavy duty long lasting mechanical seals.
  • Universal mounting horizontal or vertical suction.
  • Inlet/ outlet with BSP/Tri-clover/SMS or Flanged connection.
  • Jacked casings for solidifying liquids.
  • Reversible rotation.
  • Its easy to maintain and run.
  • The pumps have choice of lobe profiles to meet the demanding applications of the industry.
  • They are designed for cosmetic, pharma & food industry.
  • Driven by hardened & ground gears profiles of the lobes are designed to deliver capacities without metallic inclusions.
  • The casing & lobes are highly polished & the pump equipped with sturdy seals has smooth & noiseless rotation.
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