Bharat Pumps
Bharat Pumps Induatries offers External Gear Pumps that we have manufactured & designed specially for various kinds of viscous liquids.

Our Gear Pumps are equipped with sturdy closed machine gears, these external gear pumps are extensively used in applications like Malt, Oil, Fruit Juice, Pulp, Glucose, Molasses, etc.

Gear Pumps We are proud to say that we are one of the leading manufacturers of Gear Pumps in India.

Category Product Type
Rulon Bush Type Gear Pump Size - 1/2"
Size - 3/4"
Size - 1"

Salient Features :

  • BPI gear pump built in or external relief valve
  • Our board Ball Bearings / Bush Bearings is built to suit applications
  • It is Full or partially jacketed casing
  • Our Mechanical seals to suit every application
  • Standard models in Cast Iron / Stainless Steel / foot mounted
  • Hardened & ground shaft
  • Our Gear Pump Drive arrangements to suit every application incorporation
  • Gearbox / Geared Motor / VFD
  • Choice of 14 models to handle any capacity / viscosity
  • Specially designed Spur / Helical Gears for low noise
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